Friday, November 16, 2018

Thanksgiving Outfit Inspo

Only a couple more days of class until I'm packing up and heading to Indiana for Thanksgiving! There has been so much transition in my life and family the last few months, I can't wait to be together and live in the comfort of holiday traditions. When I was putting outfits together for this weekend, I realized I usually end up sporting three different looks throughout the course of Thanksgiving Day each year. My family always dresses up nice for family dinner (a tradition I love!) and then we end up changing into something more comfy for relaxing by the tv in a food coma, playing football in the yard, watching the parade and taking our annual family pictures. My sister and I usually end up changing into comfy clothes to talk about our Black Friday game plan and hit the stores. We don't usually go all out, but sometimes we will hit up one or two stores if theres something we are trying to find. Last year we ended up going to one store and then sitting in the parking lot for hours just drinking coffee and talking! The best memories for me are during Thanksgiving and I am so excited for this year! 

Outfit #1:
Baker Cap (I own this in a size M) // Dress (I just ordered this last week and am hoping I get it before I leave! I think the color is perfect for Thanksgiving) // OTK boots (these are super similar to the Steve Madden ones I own and I have heard great reviews about these ones!)

Outfit #2:
Striped Sweater // Skinny Jeans (under $20!) // Booties (I own these and have worn them a million times this fall!) 

Outfit #3:
Beenie // Pullover (these are so trendy rn! I love the color of this one and the pink version) // Leggings (these are my ride or dies!)

I hope you all have a great holiday! I will be sharing my annual thankful post really soon. Even when times are tough there is always so much to be thankful for :) 


Wednesday, October 24, 2018

New York, New York

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Sweater (similar) // Jeans (on sale for $14!) // Baker Cap // Shoes // Similar Bag

I have already shared a lot of these pics on social media so I will keep this short and sweet! This was my first trip to NYC and I'm basically ready to pack my bags and move into my high rise apartment. It's hard to even explain the feeling, but I was so emotional all day! Walking through Times Square, exploring Central Park, sitting on the steps of the Met, seeing the 911 Memorial and The Statue of Liberty for the first time was so overwhelming. After spending my whole life learning about NYC it was surreal to see it in person. My time in London didn't compare even though I was seeing landmarks I've known about forever when I was in Europe to seeing Lady Liberty. We are going back the day after New Years and I cannot wait to see the city at Christmas time!

I planned this outfit out weeks ago and I have been so excited to wear it!! This sweater was a favorite for many during the NSale and I'll be wearing it all fall/winter long. These girlfriend jeans are from HM & they're currently on sale for under $14! They run really large though and stretch a lot so I would recommend sizing down. They are really comfy though and I love the distressing. My hat is also from HM and my shoes are Steve Madden (I own these in a couple colors because they're my favs!). 

I hope you're all having a great week! My cousin and my best friend are coming to KY this weekend and we're going to do a bunch of fall stuff including going on a hike and to a haunted house and I'm sooooo excited :) 


Monday, October 22, 2018

A Day in Philly & a Super Affordable (& Chic) Outfit!

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Happy Monday! We are officially back to "reality" and I've already been mentally planning my next trip. I always get the travel bug after visiting new places! During our road trip, I realized I have been to a ton of big cities already this semester (Nashville, Louisville, Indianapolis, Philadelphia and NYC) and all but 2 were brand new to me. I think big cities are so fun and full of life. I love seeing how each city is so unique and has it's own feel. Philly definitely had it's own vibe and I loved it! 

My roommate Madison is from just outside of Philly so she got to show me her hometown and be my tour guide! We have been roommates for the last 3 years so it was really special for me to get to see where she is from and it was such a fun roomie trip! We took the train into Philly, stopped for coffee and then walked to historic downtown. We saw the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall (which I shamefully recognized first from National Treasure) and Historic downtown was so beautiful! I'm so glad we went during the fall because the colors just made everything so magical. My favorite part about exploring Philly was the contrast between the old and the new architecture. It also reminded me so much of my time in London (that New England vibe) which I love so much. We explored Old City a little bit and walked through Ben Franklin's quarters. We then grabbed lunch, Philly Cheesesteaks of course! From a place called Sonny's in Old City and they were amazing!! After lunch we explored Elfreth's Alley which is the oldest remaining preserved street in Philly, stumbled upon Octoberfest in City Hall, watched some hiphop street performers in Love Park and then finished the day by running up the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art like Rocky! It was a packed day (we walked a total of 6ish miles), but seriously so fun. I really feel like I got a good taste of Philly and I can't wait to back again in January and explore some more. 

About my outfit... I was SO glad I opted to wear my black OTK boots! They look like they would be uncomfortable for all of the walking we were doing, but they are actually really comfortable. This jacket is also my new favorite wardrobe piece. It was a little chilly during the day and it kept me nice and warm without feeling bulky. My scarf is only like $3?? from SheIn and I'm obsessed! Out of all of the trends this year this one is by far my favorite. The rest of the pieces are fall/winter wardrobe pieces that I mentioned in this post. Everything I'm wearing in the post above is super affordable and really great quality! I have done my fair share of SheIn research and I feel like I have had great luck finding pieces that are great quality and super affordable so I love being able to sharing them with you guys! 

All of pics from NYC are also edited so be expecting that post very soon! Have a great week y'all!! 


Monday, October 15, 2018

My go-to look for Fall

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Happy Monday, y'all! This past weekend I got to go home to Michigan and I couldn't stop smiling if you can't tell from these pics! I was so happy to see my family and I couldn't get over how gorgeous the colors were! My dad took the first few pics and I love them because literally no one makes me laugh/smile as hard as he does and I feel like they really encompass how giddy I was all weekend. I LOVE Michigan in the fall and I don't think i'll ever stop being amazed at how gorgeous God paints the trees every autumn. The weather got chilly in Kentucky this weekend too so I finally feel like we're officially in the fall season! 

That being said, I thought I would share this look that I wore a few days ago because I know these pieces will be on repeat all fall and into winter. I don't normally do this, but I also included some iPhone pics because I really wanted to share this look and it's hard to see in the first few pics. I bought this bodysuit from Shein because I have a spaghetti strap black bodysuit and I wore it a million times this summer. Some people really don't like bodysuits because they can be a struggle, but I actually love them because I hate trying to keep my shirts tucked in and I think they look so chic. This one is only like $12?? and is super good quality! These jeans are also a new favorite! I love how girlfriend jeans look with booties & these ones are really affordable if you're wanting to try the trend. My Gucci belt is a dupe if you didn't see it this summer so I linked the dupe above and the real deal in the widget below. My scarf was part of the NSale, but I will link a similar one in the widget as well!  

I hope you all have a great week! I am in the process of working on my fall bucket list post so be on the lookout for that!


Tuesday, October 9, 2018


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Jumpsuit (on sale for $11! Runs small) // Long sleeve tee (old)  
 Baker Cap (wearing a M) // Heels // Similar Bag 

If you didn't notice in the pics above... I got bangs!! 
I have been wanting to make this change for a long time, pinning ideas on Pinterest, getting inspo from some of my favorite influencers and straight up working up the courage. I had the weirdest experience when I went to actually get them cut though! I don't love to be negative on my blog so I'm going to keep this short, but I did not have the greatest experience with the stylist I chose. When I went to get it cut last Friday, the hairstylist straight up did not want to give me straight across bangs. He wanted to go with a swoop or more layers and ended up just trimming my ends. I was not thrilled when he was done so he promised that if I wanted to come back he would cut them for free. I got in the car and literally bawled! Lol I can laugh about it now, but at the time I was so frustrated because I was 110% sure I wanted straight across bangs. So naturally... I went to the mall, shopped it out and called the next morning to go in and get them cut. I say all of that because I want to encourage you to stick to your guns when you're ready to make a change (especially when it's YOUR hair!). I LOVE how my bangs turned out so the experience was definitely worth it, but next time I know I won't be as timid to stand my ground. 

About this look... I shared this jumpsuit on my blog this summer (read the post) and love it even more styled for fall! It's still in the 80's this week in Kentucky so this shoot was a little warm, but I'm going home to Michigan this weekend and I can't wait to break out my cozy sweaters! 

Also, I wrote this on my instastory earlier this week but I wanted to share it on my blog for those of you that may not have seen it: 
"I realize I haven't posted in FOREVER. Long story short, I have been in a huge season of transition. Relationships, moving, school and after college scaries (coming up!).
This summer I was posting every day, but mentally was not in the best place. 
The last month has been huge for self care, not comparing myself and growing in my faith. 
Thank you all for supporting me & loving me through tough times! 
I love all of y'all SO much."