Sunday, January 6, 2019

My One Resolution for 2019

It has been a HOT MINUTE since I felt like sitting down to write in the last few months. My journal this semester became one or two sentence entries and I just felt like I couldn't find a way to express my thoughts. 2018 was one of the most challenging and beautiful years of my life. I pushed myself in my academic and acting career, traveled to almost 10 new cities and learned a lot about relationships, myself and the importance trusting in The Lord no matter my circumstances. 

When I thought about what I wanted to accomplish in 2019, the list seemed about a mile long. In the next year I will graduate college, hopefully obtain my first teaching job, move to a new place and who knows what else the year will hold! As exciting as all of these things are they are also extremely overwhelming so adding resolutions like "run at least 3 days a week" or "drink 8 cups of water minimum" seemed like things I would forget about eventually. That's when I realized I really only had one resolution I wanted to accomplish this year through all of the crazy. My one resolution for 2019 is to be kinder to myself. 

To be kinder to myself will look like a lot of different things depending on the minute, day, week or season of life that this next year will bring. It includes things that will improve my daily health like drinking more water, sticking to a skin care routine, getting plenty of exercise, running more, etc. but leaves room for me to be human. On the days when I don't make it to the gym or do my devotions, forget to wash my face or wear sweatpants all day, I will remember to give myself grace. Being kinder to myself also means putting extra effort into bettering who I am as a whole person. I want to spend more time reading, focusing on being present, staying updated on current events and learning from my mentors. 

My dad gave me the devotional above for my birthday coming up and I cannot wait to dive in more. The biggest part of being kind to myself includes one of the hardest tasks I have yet to master completely in my years of being a Christian. To completely and fully accept that on any given day, the God of the universe loves me unconditionally, forgives me for my daily mess ups and is always pursuing me. I cannot begin to explain how difficult this is for someone that is so critical of themselves. Spending time in the word everyday and having an active relationship with Christ is the only way that I have figured out how to genuinely be kind to myself. Kind enough to leave all of my faults at the cross, to cast my anxieties on him and to walk in freedom. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who have stuck around and been active readers since I started blogging back in 2016. I can't wait to see what this year will hold!! 

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