Tuesday, October 9, 2018


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Jumpsuit (on sale for $11! Runs small) // Long sleeve tee (old)  
 Baker Cap (wearing a M) // Heels // Similar Bag 

If you didn't notice in the pics above... I got bangs!! 
I have been wanting to make this change for a long time, pinning ideas on Pinterest, getting inspo from some of my favorite influencers and straight up working up the courage. I had the weirdest experience when I went to actually get them cut though! I don't love to be negative on my blog so I'm going to keep this short, but I did not have the greatest experience with the stylist I chose. When I went to get it cut last Friday, the hairstylist straight up did not want to give me straight across bangs. He wanted to go with a swoop or more layers and ended up just trimming my ends. I was not thrilled when he was done so he promised that if I wanted to come back he would cut them for free. I got in the car and literally bawled! Lol I can laugh about it now, but at the time I was so frustrated because I was 110% sure I wanted straight across bangs. So naturally... I went to the mall, shopped it out and called the next morning to go in and get them cut. I say all of that because I want to encourage you to stick to your guns when you're ready to make a change (especially when it's YOUR hair!). I LOVE how my bangs turned out so the experience was definitely worth it, but next time I know I won't be as timid to stand my ground. 

About this look... I shared this jumpsuit on my blog this summer (read the post) and love it even more styled for fall! It's still in the 80's this week in Kentucky so this shoot was a little warm, but I'm going home to Michigan this weekend and I can't wait to break out my cozy sweaters! 

Also, I wrote this on my instastory earlier this week but I wanted to share it on my blog for those of you that may not have seen it: 
"I realize I haven't posted in FOREVER. Long story short, I have been in a huge season of transition. Relationships, moving, school and after college scaries (coming up!).
This summer I was posting every day, but mentally was not in the best place. 
The last month has been huge for self care, not comparing myself and growing in my faith. 
Thank you all for supporting me & loving me through tough times! 
I love all of y'all SO much."


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