Monday, October 22, 2018

A Day in Philly & a Super Affordable (& Chic) Outfit!

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Happy Monday! We are officially back to "reality" and I've already been mentally planning my next trip. I always get the travel bug after visiting new places! During our road trip, I realized I have been to a ton of big cities already this semester (Nashville, Louisville, Indianapolis, Philadelphia and NYC) and all but 2 were brand new to me. I think big cities are so fun and full of life. I love seeing how each city is so unique and has it's own feel. Philly definitely had it's own vibe and I loved it! 

My roommate Madison is from just outside of Philly so she got to show me her hometown and be my tour guide! We have been roommates for the last 3 years so it was really special for me to get to see where she is from and it was such a fun roomie trip! We took the train into Philly, stopped for coffee and then walked to historic downtown. We saw the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall (which I shamefully recognized first from National Treasure) and Historic downtown was so beautiful! I'm so glad we went during the fall because the colors just made everything so magical. My favorite part about exploring Philly was the contrast between the old and the new architecture. It also reminded me so much of my time in London (that New England vibe) which I love so much. We explored Old City a little bit and walked through Ben Franklin's quarters. We then grabbed lunch, Philly Cheesesteaks of course! From a place called Sonny's in Old City and they were amazing!! After lunch we explored Elfreth's Alley which is the oldest remaining preserved street in Philly, stumbled upon Octoberfest in City Hall, watched some hiphop street performers in Love Park and then finished the day by running up the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art like Rocky! It was a packed day (we walked a total of 6ish miles), but seriously so fun. I really feel like I got a good taste of Philly and I can't wait to back again in January and explore some more. 

About my outfit... I was SO glad I opted to wear my black OTK boots! They look like they would be uncomfortable for all of the walking we were doing, but they are actually really comfortable. This jacket is also my new favorite wardrobe piece. It was a little chilly during the day and it kept me nice and warm without feeling bulky. My scarf is only like $3?? from SheIn and I'm obsessed! Out of all of the trends this year this one is by far my favorite. The rest of the pieces are fall/winter wardrobe pieces that I mentioned in this post. Everything I'm wearing in the post above is super affordable and really great quality! I have done my fair share of SheIn research and I feel like I have had great luck finding pieces that are great quality and super affordable so I love being able to sharing them with you guys! 

All of pics from NYC are also edited so be expecting that post very soon! Have a great week y'all!! 


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