Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The College Gals Guide to Shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

If you’ve never heard of the NSale (Nordstrom Anniversary Sale) let me clear things up for you real quick! The NSale is basically the sale of all sales. Every year at this time, Nordstrom releases brand new fall/winter items and beauty products that are on sale for a fraction of the cost. This is a great time see what is going to be trending this fall, stock up on basics, splurge on that item you’ve wanted forever or simply treat yourself.

Here are some details you’ll need to know:
-Early access for the sale starts tomorrow (July 12th) for Nordstrom card holders! This includes credit and debit card holders, and if you’re serious about shopping this sale and want to make sure you get the items you’re interested in, I highly recommend becoming a cardholder. You can sign up here (super simple) and gain points for shopping that you can later receive Nordstrom notes for (a $20 voucher per so many points) as you shop. 
-The sale opens to the public July 20th and prices go up August 5th. 

That being said, shopping the sale as a college student can be a little different. A couple years ago I realized that a ton of my clothes from high school just weren’t cutting it for my new adult lifestyle. I used the NSale as an opportunity to upgrade my wardrobe and I was so grateful I did! However, I was definitely overwhelmed with how to go about shopping the sale and over the last couple of years I have definitely put together my own game plan. 

Here’s a few things I keep in mind as I shop as a college gal: 
  1. Make a budget!! This is the first step and so important because even though everything is such a great price, it’s easy to get carried away and things add up quickly. If you are a college student looking to build some credit, the Nordstrom credit card is a great way to do so, but it is still extremely important to stick to what you know you can afford. 
  2. Make a list of your needs and wants and then prioritize. It might be tempting to buy all of the cute new fall accessories, but if you really need new jeans make sure you grab those first.
  3. Think about your upcoming year and what you will need. I will be student teaching this year (ahh!! :) so I am looking for some clothes that I can wear in the classroom that will be professional and comfortable. 
  4. Consider using the sale as an opportunity to stock up on gifts (Christmas, birthday, wedding, etc.) for family and friends. I am always way more broke at the end of the semester/around Christmas time than I am when I am working full time in the summer so I will be on the lookout for things my friends/family might love later on! 
This is the first of several posts you will be seeing from me throughout the next couple of weeks about the sale. I will be posting on my Instagram a ton about what I'm purchasing and it will be compiled into a few different blog posts as well. Please let me know if there is anything specific you would like me to cover! Also, let me know if you are planning on shopping the sale and/or what you might have on your wish list below! Feel free to ask me any questions you might have by emailing me at or commenting below! 


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