Monday, July 16, 2018

Lavender Picking & Sharing from the Heart

Happy Monday, y'all! I wanted to pop in quick today to share some photos from this weekend as well as something that has been on my heart the last couple of days. 

This weekend we went to the Lavender Festival in Armada, MI and it was SO. FUN. I had dreams of running through fields and fields of lavender and getting the most stunning images for my blog. However, when we got to the the festival it was NOTHING like I thought that it would be. It was more like a craft fair with hundreds of vendors selling lavender related products, crafts and other cool items. It felt like a million degrees and it was so humid my hair barely held a curl. After we got some lunch and walked around the vendors, we were ready to go out to the lavender fields! I was so excited and I was still envisioning Pinterest perfect pictures like this one in my head. We paid for our ticket and my sister, cousin and I took the tractor out to the field. When we got to the "field" if you can call it that... I was half laughing and half disappointed at what we saw. You can see the little lavender bushes in the pictures above, but to be honest it was extremely picked over and the field itself was pretty small. My sister, cousin and I made the best of it though and picked some lavender to take home. We were laughing, talking and having such a good time that I hardly even remembered we had taken pictures by the time I got home. 

I know that these pictures look nothing like what I was envisioning in my head, but to be honest they are so much better. In these pictures I see pure joy, an amazing day with family and an experience that I will never forget. I would take photos like these any day than the most gorgeous photos in the whole world and a miserable memory to match. 

It also made me think about the importance of originality especially as a blogger in a market that seems to be so oversaturated sometimes. When I was editing these pictures I couldn't stop thinking about how much I loved them even more because they were unique. It made me wonder why I always spend so much time searching for perfection when I am way more fulfilled and content just being myself.

I feel like I am rambling a little bit at this point, but I hope if you are reading this you are encouraged. I hope this is a reminder to live in the moment, let go of expectations and pursue originality. 



  1. I totally get how you feel about originality in this bloggers world. I do think the pictures are lovely, and your outlook is a lot better than many others may have been in that situation. I struggle trying to find a balance between my personal relationships and work relationships when taking pictures. I don’t want my friends/fiancĂ© or family to feel annoyed when they take pictures of me. But I also want them to be good for the blog. So it can be a struggle!

  2. I hadn't ever seen a photo of someone joyfully going through a lavender field, so I didn't know anything was amiss until you said it! The photos look great and like you had an awesome time. Too much pressure to be perfect all the time - do you!

  3. That’s a bummer that it wasn’t what you expected, but I bet it smelled amazing!

  4. These pictures are beautiful and so are you! Thank you for the reminder about how attitude is truly the most important thing!

  5. I think these pictures are so lovely and adorable!

  6. I feel like thats how these things usually go! But your pictures are still so cute!

  7. Aw I loved this so much! There are so many pictures of 'perfection' on instagram, so often these are staged; your photos are so gorgeous, candid and full of joy too :D you look beautiful, so glowing! It looks such a lovely place to visit! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (I would love to follow each other on bloglovin if you like :D)