Wednesday, June 27, 2018

My Summer Bucket List

My best friend Sam and I went to the drive-in (an item on my bucket list every summer!) last weekend and I randomly threw my camera in the car because we had just done some blog photos. A friend of ours came with us and snapped these for us and I was obsessed with how they cam out! I thought it would be fun to share them with a list of all of the items on my summer bucket list. We always eat an embarrassing amount of candy (I LOVE candy hahaha) and I love that you can peep some of it in these pics. We also love to fill the back of my car with blankets, make it extra cozy and we spend more of the time talking and less time watching the movie... haha I actually fell asleep because I had been up since 6am and missed the end of The Incredibles! I was SO bummed, but I'm going to see it again next week so I'll make sure to drink extra coffee to stay awake. Also- my car died after the first movie so we met the sweetest girls (GIRL POWER) that offered to jump it for me and then after we just stayed in the back, ate snacks and talked for hours. It was so much fun and a memory I know I will always cherish! 

My Summer Bucket List: 
1. Go to at least one concert *
2. Make a summer playlist 
3. Visit a flower field 
4. Go to the drive-in *
5. Spend an entire day thrift and antique shopping
6. Go to the farmers market
7. Buy coffee for a stranger/pay for the person behind me 
8. Spend a day at the lake 
9. Go to a water park *
10. Reconnect with an old friend 
11. Have a picnic 
12. Attend a painting class
13. Sit by a bonfire for hours
14. Visit a new city 
15. Attend a yoga on the beach class
16. Go for an early morning bike ride 
17. Find a new favorite coffee shop
18. Have a girls weekend 
19. Get a facial 
20. Invest in a new wardrobe piece I've always wanted (I might have you vote on my insta stories!)

Let me know if you have done any of these things yet (i've put a * next to the ones I'm done with!) or any of the ones you're going to do this summer! I also added a pic at the top that's perfect for pinning if you want to find this later. :) 

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  1. These are such great ideas! Summer always seems to go by so quickly and I always feel like I never accomplish everything I want to. I really should list them out now that we only have a couple of months left of the season!

    Black Coffee Beautiful