Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Memorial Day Outfit Inspo

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I can't believe it's already almost Memorial Day! I am typically drawn to red statement pieces a lot when I am shopping so I basically wear patriotic outfits all summer long (sometimes on accident haha), but especially when I have an excuse like this weekend! I don't have a lot of plans yet, but we do have a really fun photo shoot coming up that I am so excited about. I think it might be my favorite one yet! 

As much fun as i'm sure this weekend be I think it is more important to honor Memorial Day for what it is. If you have lost a loved one in the armed forces, my thoughts and prayers are with you always, but especially this weekend. In the midst of your picnics and festivities, I encourage you to take time to reflect on Memorial Day. I think there is a way to embrace patriotism and have fun this weekend while also honoring those who have lost everything for our freedom. 

Thank you to those who are serving, have served and those who have loved ones serving in armed the armed forces. 

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