Friday, February 9, 2018

Packing for a Tropical Cruise (Full List & Extra Tips)

I'm packing to head someplace warm this weekend so I thought I would snap a couple pics and share what all I'm bringing in case you have the chance to escape the cold sometime soon as well! This is a work trip for me and my first every cruise so I am SO EXCITED. I started packing weeks ago so even though I have yet to experience a cruise for myself, I've researched enough tips and tricks to hopefully have this down! If you have any other tips let me know in the comments! Not everything that I am taking is photographed above so make sure to keep reading for a full list. Also, feel free to save this to your Pinterest (just hover your mouse over one of the photos for the icon to pop up and click on it) so you can access it later! 

I've included specific details about a cruise vacation, but really this works for any tropical destination. When I start packing I like to sit down and plan each day (what I will wear, what I will need, etc.) and this is a final list of everything I wrote down. One helpful tip Caitlin Covington mentioned in a recent post is to try on outfits you're planning on wearing and have them saved on your phone. Then when you're getting dressed all you have to do is pull up the folder and pick a look. 

In my carry-on:
~LED mirror (pictured above- obsessed with this thing!)
~Camera, batteries & extra SD cards 
~phone charger 
~laptop & charger 
~snacks (granola bars, gum, etc.) for on the plane. 
Extra food & drink is not permitted on the boat. 
~a good book/magazine to read 
~jewelry (keep your valuables with you!)
~extra outfit and bathing suit 

~shampoo, condition and body wash in travel bottles 
~hairspray, dry shampoo & argon oil (the ocean dries out your hair!)
~toothbrush & toothpaste 
~face wash, moisturizer, toner
~makeup removing wipes 
~perfume rollerballs and samples 
~face masks 
~daily vitamins 
~eye mask for sleeping
~BB cream w/sunscreen & any other makeup you typically travel with
-scrunchies & hairties 
~Hairtools (curler, straightener, etc.)

Tip: I like to save my samples all your long when I know I am traveling somewhere. I have a Charlotte Tilbury and a Chanel foil packet that I have been saving because they small and its fun to try something new/treat yourself on vacation. 

Big Suitcase:
~2 pairs of jean shorts
~1 pair of jeans
~1 jean skirt 
~1 lightweight sweater for cool evenings
~2 casual dresses 
~2 fancy dresses for evening dinners 
~4 tops 
~3 bathing suits 
~2 coverups 
~bras (sports bra, t-shirt bra, bralettes) & undies 
~running shorts & workout tanks 
~leggings/ comfy travel outfit for return flight
~3 pairs of sandals 
~1 pair of nice heels/wedges 
~1 pair of tennis shoes 
~straw handbag 

Tip: Pack any hats you're taking in the middle/bottom of your suitcase. You can pack clothes around them and it will save space while keeping your hat protected at the same time. 

Beach bag:
~Ipsy bag for valuables when on the beach (or any small cosmetic bag, I just like to put my monthly subscription bags to good use!)
~Tanning oil (I use this on my legs only)
~Towel (unless your cruise line provides one)
~aloe if you burn easily 

~Passport & boarding information!
~cash to tip your waiters, bell men, etc. 
~seasick medicine/wrist bands 

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