Saturday, December 23, 2017

3 Easy Holiday Hairstyles

This holiday season I have been obsessed with the velvet trend going around and I love how many people I've seen incorporating that into their hair accessories. I've also seen so many velvet accessories on super popular sights (I linked some of my favorites below!) so I wanted to show how I like to style them and how I get lots of volume in my pony's and curls! I know these looks are pretty simple, but that's kinda the point! I never have a ton of time to do my hair especially during the holiday's so I wanted to share three simple looks that take only a few minutes to achieve. 

Speaking of time... I can't believe how fast the last few weeks have gone by! I planned on having this post up weeks ago, but better late than never haha... Anyways, I hope this gives you some inspo for this weekend and New Years too! 

Look #1: Big/Voluminous Curls 
(products used: curler, hairspray, dry shampoo, fav hair clips for curling)

For this look, I wanted to do something simple that looks good with basically any outfit. To get big holiday curls like this, I actually use only a 1 inch barrel and part my hair into small sections. I spray each section with this hairspray at the ends and curl small to medium size pieces all around my head until I get to the top 2 layers. I use this dry shampoo on my roots and brush through it before I curl it to create texture and volume. When I'm done I let the curls set for 3-5 minutes and comb through them with my fingers. 

Look #2: Tied with a Bow 
(products used: Invisible hair ties, hairspray, velvet bow and dry shampoo for texture (I also love this one!))

For these looks, I already had my hair curled in big loose curls to give it volume. I like to add this dry shampoo at my roots to give it texture and help it stay all through the night. The trick to both of these looks is to make sure they're smooth, but messy if that makes sense? I use this argon oil to smooth my hair down but once I have it in the pony or half pony I pull little pieces out to make sure it looks really pretty and feminine. I picked this ribbon up from a local craft store, but any of the ones below would look great if not better!


Look #3: Twisted Half Pony 
(products used: Invisible hair ties, hairspray, and dry shampoo for texture (I also love this one!))

This look is honestly so simple! I tease my crown first by brushing backwards with a normal paddle brush to create a little bit of volume on top. I then use these invisible elastics to secure two pieces from either side of my head that I have twisted together in the back. This look is my favorite if you're planning on wearing some really cute staple earrings like these!

That's all for today! Let me know if you are trying any of these in the next few days and Merry Christmas!


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