Monday, October 23, 2017

Apple Picking & Kentucky Exploring

Suede Dress (comes in 3 colors!) // Booties // Basic Turtleneck 

Sorry for the overload of pics, but I couldn't help but share them all! I had a couple girlfriends visit from Michigan this past weekend and it was literally so fun. Sam and Emily served on a missions trip in Kentucky with me before I even knew I was going to be going to college here so it was really fun to revisit some old places and show them some new ones! On Friday we ate at such a yummy place at The Summit at Fritz Farm. They have so many new and yummy restaurants i'm thinking about doing a full review/post on our favs! In other news... I love that its finally starting to feel a little bit more like fall here. This Michigan girl isn't use to such warm weather! 

About this look, I have been dying to wear this dress since I got it in the mail last week! I ordered a medium tall so it would be long enough (i'm 5'7") and I think the fit is perfect. I love that I have a ton of options for layering under it and it is literally so soft! The suede material is such good quality and the website says it is vegan suede?? I'll be honest, I have no idea what that means but i'm assuming its a good thing! hahaha 


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  1. The place is really beautiful and looks a perfect ideal place to spend a holiday or two. You both are looking gorgeous and awesome in those dresses there.