Thursday, September 28, 2017

September Ipsy Review

Hi friends! It seems like it's been forever since I did my last Ipsy review, but they continue to be some of my most popular posts so I try to bring them back every so often without being too repetitive! I have been receiving Ipsy in the mail for almost two years and I am obsessed. It is so fun to receive something special each month and I am rarely disappointed with the samples that I receive. 

I thought this would be a fun month to share because a lot of the products in my bag were really unique and I really loved them! I have broken down each of the products with my "review" below. 

This stuff is sooo interesting. I have never used a volume powder on my hair before so I was a little skeptical that it would actually work, but y'all- let me tell you. This stuff adds major volume. I love putting a little bit at the crown of my head when I do a messy bun for a little added texture (plus it helps it to stay all day) or a little bit on my roots whenever I want big/messy curls. The only downside to this product I would say is the texture. You have to be super careful how much you use otherwise it can leave your hair feeling a little bit heavy. 

I honestly wish I was more impressed with this mascara. I've used it a few times (for about a week) and I love it about as much as I love a basic drugstore mascara. It's not great for building up but I love the shape of the wand because I feel like it makes coating all my lashes easier. Overall, it's just average in my book but that might just be because I am super picky! 

I am actually super impressed with this sample! I am super picky about cleansing water/oils because most of the time I feel like they leave a weird residue on my skin. This one is super light (like I can barely feel it) but it also removes all of my eye makeup so easily. Plus, it literally smells like flowers! 

I ended up receiving the champaign gold color in this product and at first I wasn't thrilled. I don't usually wear any other kind of eyeliner other than black so I wasn't really sure what to do with the gold color I received, but I wanted to try it for you guys! I started putting it on my water line just on the inside corners of my eyes and I really love it! It makes me look a little bit more awake (even though i'm exhausted these days! haha) and the product itself is super pigmented. 

Y'all... for the price point of this item I am obsessed. I am a little disappointed because the little brow spoolie on the end of mine broke after the first time I used it, but the brow product itself I really like. I love that it is thin enough to create really precise strokes and it doesn't crumble easily. I received the color dark brown and it matches my brows perfectly. 


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