Friday, August 18, 2017

Windsor Castle Travel Guide

Dress (under $30) // Hat // Similar sandals (50% off) // Jean Jacket // Lip Color // Bag

Where do I even begin?? I've sat down several times to write this post and every single time I get way to excited and end up rambling on about this day and every detail. To make a long story short, I felt like an absolute princess wandering around the Windsor Castle. Queen Elizabeth II spends a good portion of her summers here (or so I have been told) so they don't allow you to explore the entire castle, but even the little taste you get is enough. If you ever have the opportunity to go, I highly recommend it! Some of my favorite spots included Queen Mary's Dollhouse, the State Rooms and St. George's Chapel. If you are adding the Castle into your agenda then also plan to spend the entire day in the little town of Windsor. They have some of the cutest shops and restaurants to explore and you won't want to feel rushed! Ps. I swear if they have ice-cream in heaven (how could they not??), they will have the ice-cream pictured above. It was a lavender gelato and I wish I could describe the taste but I just can't!

About this look... I have been obsessed with white lately! Crisp white in the summer just makes me feel so girly and feminine and I love how easy this dress was to roll up and slip in my suitcase. It stayed in there for over a week and didn't even wrinkle... like, woah. This hat has also been a summer staple for me. It was a lifesaver on the way back from London when I hadn't washed my hair in like three days and I think it just makes a look feel more polished. If you are thinking about investing in one for yourself, I highly recommend measuring your head before you just pick a size. I was for sure I would be a large (lol) but I actually ordered a small after measuring and it fits just perfect. 

Lastly, I'm not sure how well you can see the little gold cross I am wearing in these photos but I had to share this story with y'all! Before I flew out of Toronto to London I had a few hours to spare in the airport. Naturally, I gravitated to the MAC counter next to the Starbucks and was looking for a good neutral lip to wear while I was gone. The sweetest MAC employee was helping me and I guess she must have noticed I was a little antsy about my upcoming travels. Something about wearing my heart on my sleeve or whatever! haha so I told her I was a little nervous about the next couple weeks and she asked if I was religious. When I told her I was a Christian she got the biggest smile on her face and was like "Baby, God's got you!" It literally made my entire trip and it hadn't even started yet. She said that I should wear a cross while I was traveling so people would know no matter where I went what I stood for and who I put my hope in and I thought that was the coolest thing. I picked this gold cross up at Westminster Abbey and I love how something so simple can be such a powerful reminder. 

That was sooo long winded, but if you made it through the whole thing thank you for reading! Also, thank you so much to everyone that sent me encouragement and travel tips before I left! Y'all are seriously the best readers a girl could ask for. 


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