Friday, July 14, 2017

Getting Real About the #NSale (Nordstrom Anniversary Sale)

Whether you're new to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (affectionately called the #NSale) or you follow tons of bloggers and are tired of seeing posts about it- I thought I would take a minute and get a little real with you guys about this sale. Last year I was completely new to blogging and the sale hit only a month after The Dainty Bouquet launched. I was completely in over my head and decided to only do one post on the sale out of fear that I would annoy my readers. This year I did a ton more research (seriously ask my poor friends and family how much I've been talking about this sale😂) and the majority consensus was that it needs to be talked about. In fact even earlier today I was talking with a couple of the girls that I work with and their exact words were "Nordstrom's is intimidating and a sale that big doesn't even occur to me when they're known for being so expensive." 

I have also heard several bloggers express their thoughts on the mass amount of fashion bloggers that write about the sale. Katey McFarlan def said it best in her tweet here... if you are a fashion blogger it is a must read! I love seeing how each individual takes on the sale and there are so many good finds, It's fun to see what everyone picks! 

So long story short... this sale is amazing! Yes, some of the items are more of investment pieces but in the long run the money you will save down the road is tremendous. For example... instead of spending $20 on a pair of F21 boots that might last you for a full season, invest in a really nice pair for a great price that will last for years to come. 

Below I've broken down all of the details + some extra tips for my college gals (or really anyone on a less than endless budget):

When can I shop it?
The sale officially started yesterday for Nordstrom card holder (credit and debit), but will be open to the public on July 21st. A lot of the popular items sell out fast so if you would like early access you can sign up for a Nordstrom card at any time here

What's on sale?
What makes this sale so great is the inventory. Contrary to most sales that begin at full price and then are discounted, the NSale releases brand spankin new fall clothing at up to 40% off. Boots, jackets, athletic wear, handbags, beauty supplies, etc. The list goes on and on. Check it out for yourself here

Are the discounts really that good?
Y'all I wouldn't be talking about them if they weren't! I am all about a good bargain and this sale gives buyers the opportunity to really get the most bang for your buck. 

Shopping the sale tips:
1. Determine your set budget. 
This almost goes without being said, but set your amount and stick to it. That way you won't be stressing about the decisions you made and you can genuinely enjoy what you buy. 

2. Asses your closet situation. 
What all will I need come fall? How faded do my black jeans have to be before I invest in a new pair? Am I in need of some new leggings?

3. Piece together outfits before you buy (I call it brain shopping lol). 
How much wear will I get out of this? What can I wear it too? 

4. Add an accessory! 
This is a tip because I am the worst at remembering accessories. One key piece to upgrading your wardrobe is with really classy accessories and you will not be lacking to find some killer ones during the sale. 

5. Find a special statement piece. 
This is just for fun, but important when getting the most out of your shopping experience. Plus, when you save so much on the basics it's fun to treat yourself to something that really stands out and might be a little less practical. 

 Monday I will be sharing some dressing room diaries and my favorite picks from the sale! As always, thanks for supporting me in all I do! 


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