Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Perfect Summer LBD

LC Lauren Conrad Dress (comes in 4 colors and is currently on sale for $25!) 

Y'all... earlier this week my mom and I stopped into Kohl's for a bit and I made the mistake of spending way to much time in the Juniors section (they have the best deals! A t-shirt for like $3?? Okay! lol). Before I knew it I was grabbing lots of good deals in my usual size and heading to the dressing room. Except I didn't take into account the fact that I was no longer a junior size and a small/medium in women's can be way different. Long story short, everything was either too tight or too short. I did however find this cute little off the shoulder dress and it was only $12! Anyways, after feeling defeated I wandered over to the women's section and was literally blown away by the new LC Lauren Conrad line. We didn't have a ton of time left so I grabbed a couple pieces that I thought would be great for this summer and headed to the dressing room. This dress was one of them! I have been in need of a light and airy LBD for this summer when I am in London and I can't wait to pack this! I am wearing a small for reference and the length is perfect. Best part- it's currently on sale for only $25 so snag it while you can! 

This post got a little bit rambly, but I want you guys to know that sometimes shopping trips can be a bust. Dressing rooms can be scary rooms and life isn't always as fun as holding two ice-cream cones😜


*This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own*

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