Wednesday, June 21, 2017

College Gals Guide: Surviving the Summer

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Originally I was planning on titling this post "How to Stay Organized in the Summer" and then it dawned on me that unless you're in college (or a teacher) you probably maintain a fairly routine schedule throughout the summer. I also realized that while staying organized is a really important aspect of the summer time, there are several other important things to remember between May-August. It has also been a little while since I sat down to compile another #CollegeGalsGuide and they're some of my most popular posts so I hope you like this one just as much! 

Here are some of my tips for "surviving the summer" as a college gal:

 1.) Get Organized 
Whether you're taking college classes during the summer, participating in an internship, working, traveling or all the above- staying organized is crucial in having a successful summer break. I like to do so by continuing to use a planner (The Day Designer Collection from Target is my fav! I've been using the same style of planner since my freshman year and I just recently repurchased the 2017/2018 version for Junior year. They have the cutest patterns and the layout makes it easy to read + get things done). Using a planner helps me to strategize how to fit everything in that I want to do before school starts again. It also helps me plan ahead for the school year a little early and is one less thing I have to worry about. 

2.) Set Goals 
I think just about everyone sets some type of goals for themselves before the school year starts, but who says achieving your goals should take to the sideline during the summer? The goals that I typically set during the summer are lifestyle goals that I can't achieve while I am away at school and busy with class work. Some of mine for this summer include travel outside of the U.S at least twice, spend more quality time with family and redecorate/organize my room at home. I keep these goals in my planner and revisit them often! 

3.) Don't Forget to be Spontaneous 
This isn't as much a tip as it an a reminder. Sometimes I think as college students we get so focused on the end goal (graduation! Holla) that we forget to just enjoy the time that we have outside of school. This summer I was actually excited to get back to work because I rarely have time during the school year. I've had to stop and remind myself several times that it's okay to do things on a whim in the summer. So this is your reminder! Do at least one spontaneous thing this summer. Take a trip to the beach, travel to a new state, visit a new city, go to a baseball game or concert. 

4.) Stay Patient 
Whether you're living at home, with friends or on your own- the summer months can often feel like a period of waiting. Waiting for the next big thing, waiting for some major plans, waiting until you can be back at school in a routine doing your own thing again. That time will come. If you ever find yourself bored or impatient this summer remember that in just a few short months you will be back at school pulling what seems like endless all nighters, long days and hard study sessions. Enjoy the lazy days if you're blessed with a few!

5.) Be Present 
Summer time is my favorite time to capture on social media. I love snapping pics of my family, Instagramming a day at the beach, keeping up with everyones travels on Facebook. However, I love sitting around the campfire with my family void of a single distraction even more. Don't forget to unplug this summer and really soak in all the memories! 

That's all for today... Let me know if you have any extra tips for "Surviving the Summer!"


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  1. These are great tips to keep in mind for students over summer break. I love how you mentioned being patient. Going back home to family requires patience especially when you go from making your own rules to following someone's else rules.

    -xo, Makaela