Monday, May 15, 2017

Striped Swim Suit

Shop the look: HERE 

I ordered this bikini a few weeks before our trip and I was SO anxious for it to come in. I have literally never felt comfortable in a swimsuit unless it is a one piece (insert praise hands that they're so in style right now!!), but I really like the off the shoulder vibes that this one had and I thought the high waisted cut would be flattering. The first time I tried this suit on was in my college dorm room the week before exams. My diet currently consisted of cereal and chips + salsa and I was getting roughly 5 hours of sleep a night. I was no where near feeling good about my body image, but when I put this suit on I literally felt like a million bucks. I was super nervous about how these pictures would turn out because cereal and salsa (LOL), but I surprisingly loved it. I'm not in any way trying to sell this suit. I won't make a profit if you decide to buy it, but I would recommend not giving up hope if you have yet to feel comfortable in a swimsuit. I love my smile the most in these photos. I think the confidence that I feel is what makes me feel the most beautiful, and I hope you find that as well this summer! Even if your diet only consists of chips + salsa ;) 

^^ in case you missed last weeks post. I've shared my tips + tricks for packing the perfect beach bag. Save it to your vacation board on Pinterest to save it for later!


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