Wednesday, March 8, 2017


A few months ago I was asked by a friend of mine to walk in a fashion show for an organization called Unchained. I debated posting about the show for the fact that many of my readers are simply looking for fashion advice, beauty tips, etc. However, this is much to important to stay silent about.

The Unchained Fashion Show tells the story of women in the sex slave industry through dresses designed by season 5 Project Runway designer, Korto Momolu. Professional hair and makeup teams transform the models to accurately represent how women afflicted by the industry are transfigured on the inside and out. As the models walk down the runway, a narrator explains the inspiration for the dress and the part of the women's story that the garment represents. 

The shows aim to educate and raise awareness for our fellow women who have no voice by teaching the models and those in attendance the signs to look for and what actions to take when they notice suspicious activity and have the chance to make a difference. Participating in the show gave me a first hand look at the inhumanity of the sex slave industry. My friends, we cannot turn on our backs on these women. To get more info about attending or hosting an Unchained Fashion Show, donating to their cause or learning more about how you can be a partner in ending sex slavery, you can visit their website To gain more information about the vast quantity of those affected everyday human trafficking, you can also visit several websites (here and here) of organizations that have set their sights on ending the inhumane. 

I could not think of a better cause to support this International Women's Day. Hundreds of women have already joined this movement, but we need you too. 


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