Friday, February 10, 2017

My Valentine

wrap sweater // skirt // heels // Kate Spade clutch // Andrews MK bomber jacket

1 John 4:19 says that "we love because He first loved us." As I go through life, I could not find this small statement more true. When I find that my world has gone a little cloudy and i've lost the true meaning of love, it is usually because I have lost sight of where love comes from in the first place. In my most intimate relationships, I have found that I cannot love them completely until I fully allow myself to be loved by my heavenly father. Therefore, I cannot love my heavenly father back completely until I allow myself to first be loved. 

This whole concept of love is tricky and finding someone who will run after you and God at the same time along side you is rare. If you have been blessed like I have been then I suggest you hold on to them. I suggest that you pursue God everyday and allow Him to grow your relationship. I suggest that you never stop dating, never stop flirting, never stop trying to show affection. Never stop saying I love you and never stop finding new ways to love God and love people. I find that I can express my thoughts most clearly through writing so below I have shared some of the many reasons why I have fallen and continue to fall in love with my Valentine... 

10 things I love about you:
1.) I love that you remind me everyday that I am beautiful, but also keep me humble by reminding me  that true beauty is on the inside. 

2.) I love that you are incredibly driven. 

3.) I love that you care so deeply for your family and mine. I could listen to you talk about your mom, dad, sisters, brother for hours. 

4.) I love that you still get nervous when we go out on dates. It reminds me that true love never stops being exciting and we can always find new ways to make each other feel special. 

5.) I love that you open car doors for me & you think its cute when I want to do things by myself because I'm a strong independent women (hahaha).

6.) I love that you are always trying to learn new things about the areas I am passionate in. You could probably care less about the difference between a Valentino and a Chloe bag but you ask anyways. 

7.) I love that you make me laugh every single day. Even on my worst days, you find a way to make me smile & I will never get tired of laughing with you. 

8.) I love that you are always so certain about things. It may seem small, but I could spend hours overthinking everything and in a matter of minutes you bring me right back home. 

9.) I love that you want at least 2 dogs. 

10.) I love that you love me everyday like Jesus does. You are by far not perfect and I'm not either, but when times get tough & we recenter in Christ, I know that you can love me and I can love you because He first loved us. 

All my love, 


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