Tuesday, January 3, 2017

College Gals Guide: Surviving the New Year

Practicality has never been something that I pride myself on. I wouldn't say I'm spontaneous (because lets face it... I plan for things like its my job), but I also easily can get in over my head when I forget that I'm not superwoman and cannot accomplish saving the world in one day. College is a weird time where I find myself wanting to be extremely productive and incredibly lazy all at once 24/7. When I think back on 2016, I cannot help but think if I would have been little more practical, I would have had more room to be fabulous. I think that begins with practical resolutions. So without further ado...

Here is my game plan for accomplishing this as a college student in 2017: 

1.) Save more, spend less 
Do I really need Chick-fil-a for the third day in a row? Pizza delivery? Chinese takeout? I mean... yes, caf food is really that bad and yes, my mental sanity could use some egg roles, but probably not. Skip the late night run and save those extra dollars for a clothing item you've had your eye on, an upcoming trip or (eww) books that you know will be too expensive next semester. 

2.) Drink more water 
I say this almost every single year and literally never feel like I drink enough. I included it as a resolution for this year because with how active I am at school I need to be drinking almost twice the amount that I have been. I think that begins with remembering to drink the right amount of water in the first place. I like to do that by buying a new water bottle at the beginning of the year! If a water bottle is adorable I am 100x more likely to remember grabbing it before class. I've linked some of my favorites here, here & here

3.) Be more intentional with my time
On a college student schedule, being intentional about your time is almost crucial. I've heard people joke about only being able to have 2 of 3 things in college between sleep, good grades and a social life. I think you can have all three if you plan well and are intentional about how you spend the little amount of free time that you have. Some ways that I plan on accomplishing this are by making sure I don't over commit (fingers crossed) and going out of my way to reconnect with old friends! If I plan something and put it on my calendar ahead of time, i'm a lot more likely to remember and not over book myself. I use a planner similar to THIS one from target and I repurchase it every school year. 

4.) Work out to feel good & look for new ways to stay motivated 

I see workout resolutions literally every year and unfortunately I think the majority of them are made out of guilt or due to peer pressure from the society that we live in. As a young woman in this society, I think the most important part of setting workout goals is to do it for the right reasons. I specifically feel a lot better when I am working out daily. I don't do it because I think I have to, I do it for me. Unfortunately, when life gets busy I sometimes forget that I workout because it feels good when I'm done. That's why the second part of my resolution is to get creative with how I stay motivated. Whether that includes buying a new workout set that you'll be excited to do pilates in or saving pictures of a cute bathing suit that you know you'll want to rock this summer on your desk top. Make it about you and your goals.

5.) Priorities. Priorities. Priorities. 

I can't say this enough. Whenever I feel a little overwhelmed throughout the year, which is easy when you have a million things on your plate... I take a step back and realign my priorities. This goes right along with being more intentional with my time as well as sticking to my other resolutions. If they're on my list of priorities then they won't be replaced by menial things. Write down your list of priorities at the beginning of the semester and don't settle for less. 

Along with the theme of practicality, resolutions are almost impossible if you can't even remember what you set in the first place. Thats why i'm keeping it simple! I encourage you to set your top 5 (or maybe even top 3?) and write them down where you know you will see them daily. Remember why you see those goals and the person you are striving to be. My last little bit of advice is in the form of a verse. Proverbs 16:3 says "Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed." I hope you are all able to look back on 2017 and smile because you absolutely killed it.