Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The College Gals Guide: Christmas Break + The Coziest PJ's

similar PJ's here, here & here (mine are Cynthia Rowley ) // Gift Wrapping Guide coming Friday!

It's been a while since i've done a lifestyle related post and with exams just finishing up (PRAISE) and many of us heading home, I thought I would share with y'all a few things that I do to make the most of my Christmas break. 

As many of you already know, college is one of the weirdest times of your life. Coming back home for Christmas break whether you live an hour away or 8 hours (like me!) falls right into the melting pot of awkwardness that is college. Don't get me wrong... I have been (not so) patiently waiting for Christmas break since like August, but that doesn't necessarily mean it is a walk in the park. If you are a college veteran then you already know what I mean and if you're returning home for the first time then you will soon find out! Home is just a little different when you've been on your own for a while.

Below I have included some of my favorite tips for making the most of your time home for Christmas: 

1. Save the Date 
This break will fly by, my friends! Before you know it you will be packing up the car to head back to school and hopefully taking many many memories with you. With that being said, making the most out of your Christmas break begins with having a plan of action. Let your friends and family know when you're coming home so they can mark it on their calendars I recommend making a list of things you want to get done (kind of like a Christmas bucket list?) and putting them on the calendar! I am 100x more likely to actually get something done if I write it down. 

2. Respect (insert Aretha Franklin)
Y'all... I get it. You have been gone for months, living on your own and doing your own thing. Why should things be any different when you're home? For starters, something tells me your parents and/or loved ones have been anxiously awaiting your return. Whether they admit it or not, they've missed you greatly. Be respectful of their time and their home. It is more than okay to do your own thing, but don't forget to spend some quality time with the people that love you most. 

3. Rest!

This one is simple and TBH I probably don't need to remind any of you how hard the past semester has been; however, if you're a busy body like me... take time to rest! This looks different for everyone so whether that includes binge watching your favorite Christmas movies on Netflix, baking Christmas cookies, take a bubble bath, reading for fun, etc. or all of the above take some time for yourself. 

4. Don't look back

If you're anything like me then you're probably fueled by anxious thoughts and coffee. I am the queen of overthinking things and unfortunately that can often times steal large amounts of my joy. Remembering to press on and not look back can be almost impossible, but there is absolutely nothing that you can do about the past. Worrying about how you did on those final exams, regretting not taking a chance, whatever it is. You cannot change it no matter how much you want to so be joyful. You deserve it! Philippians 3:14 

5. Live in the moment 

Like I said before, this time will go by before you know it. Do yourself a favor and just be present. Put your phone down, go for a walk, drive around and see Christmas lights. One of these you're going to look back on your time at home for the holidays and believe me, you will remember the times you were completely present. You won't remember the latest gossip or trending hashtag on twitter, you probably won't remember exactly what was under the tree. You'll remember the quiet evenings by the fire sipping cocoa and laughing with friends. You'll remember building a snowman and smiling until your face hurt. Make sure you make the most of those lifelong memories. 

That is it for today! I hope you all have a blessed Christmas! Comment below your favorite holiday tradition, i'd love to hear all about them. ☺️


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