Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Ultimate Guide to Black Friday Shopping

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This year (and every year) I always have so much to be Thankful for I can hardly stand it. I am so extremely Thankful for you guys as well which is why I wanted to give you the gift of a complete Black Friday shopping guide. 

Black Friday is by far the most exciting shopping time of the year! I have just about done it all from braving the giant crowds in the freezing cold to waiting for hours in lines to snag the best deals. Call me crazy or grumpy or stubborn, but I am so over it! haha I would much rather get my game face on while snuggling in my pj’s by the fire and sipping hot cocoa. 

With that being said, below I have rounded up some of the best deals for Black Friday including sale codes so you can shop efficiently. Side note: I like to place stuff in my cart immediately and even before I am ready to shop to make sure I get everything I was looking for.

Below that I have included some of my tips for you crazies who still brave the storms of shoppers like the strong willed women that you are. There will be a special place in heaven for y’all. 

J.Crew ~ 40% in store & online with code HOLIDAY 
Old Navy ~ 50% 0ff everything-ish in stores & online! 
Tory Burch ~ spend $250 & get 30% off with code THANKS
Kate Spade ~ surprise 75% off sale is going on right now! + free ground shipping when you spend $150 or more in the US & Canada. 
American Eagle ~ 40% off in store & online + free ground shipping
Shopbop ~ use code GOBIG16 for a certain percentage off based on the amount you spend
Nordstrom ~ 20% extra off selected sales items 
HUNTER BOOTS ~ 25% off cyber weekend exclusives 
Express ~50% off everything! 
GAP ~ 50% off everything with code TGIF50 
Loft ~ 50% off everything with code BERRYGOOD
H&M ~ $3 deals up to 70% off + 20% off your entire purchase & free shipping with code 5188!
Macy's ~ extra 20% off + free shipping on orders over $50.
Forever 21 ~ extra 50% off sale with code OHMYGOBBLE 

Black Friday Tips for In-Store Shoppers:

Go with a game plan.
This a little bit goes without being said, but keep a notepad and pen with you and write down what you’re looking for, where you can find it and how much you are willing to pay for it. This will save you tons of time and frustration, just trust me! 

Dress for success!
Think less like a job interview and more like an eskimo. Of course, this tip doesn’t necessarily apply if you abide in a warm state but for all of my northern babes, remember to dress warm! I like to layer up so that when I finally get into the store i’m not overly hot. Remember hats and gloves too! 

Don’t go alone.
This is like 50% for safety reasons because their are some grade A creepers out there, but 50% because it is much easier to beat the lines when one of your waits while the other or others grab the loot. Plus, I have made the best memories out shopping with friends & family! 

Do yourself a favor and don’t forget the coffee! I find myself a lot more willing to freeze my butt off in a line to get a good deal on pots & pans when I have a hot cup of coffee in my hands. Mater of fact, I find myself a lot more willing to do lots of stuff with coffee in my hand…

Keep your recipes.
In the hustle and bustle and all of the bags, remember to keep your recipes organized so that in case you would need to return something you’re not shuffling through a ton of bags to find it. 

Don’t let the sales overshadow what Thanksgiving is all about.
I love a good sale as much as anyone, but family always comes first during Thanksgiving! If you have to miss out on crucial memory making time with Grandma and Grandpa then it is probably not worth it, friends. 

That’s it for today! I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Eat all the turkey, make all the memories, feel all the love. 


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