Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers


I am writing this post from the road today! We are currently on our way to Indiana to see our family for the holidays. There’s not a ton of places to shop where my mom and dad live in Michigan so I always get excited to be down here for black Friday (even though I do most of my shopping these days online in my pj’s ;)) 

Anyways, todays gift guide is one of my favorites! Almost every year to date I have completely forgotten about stocking stuffers until the very last minute and then I end up picking up packs of gum, chocolate bars, fuzzy socks, etc. to fill them with on Christmas eve (no shame! haha). This year I wanted to make sure that mixed in with the simple little trinkets were well thought out and special items. I have the best memories of diving into my stocking as a little kid and being ecstatic over getting the new Cheetah Girls CD or brand new sparkly lip gloss! Now I think I’d be more impressed with a monogram necklace, but the sparkly lipgloss I am still all about.

 Below I have linked 10 of my favorite ideas in different price ranges! 

Smashbox lip set ~ $25 (loveeee these!)
Sleep mask ~ $25
Love Your Melon beanie (The cutest pom hat with the best cause!) ~ $45

Tomorrow I will be posting my guide for surviving black Friday online & in stores so be sure to check in and secure your game plan!


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