Friday, November 18, 2016

Current Fashion Favorites: YouTube, Fashion Bloggers & Places to Shop

{Fun fact: one of my favorite ways to be creative is through sketching & designing. Growing up I had always wanted to attend a fashion school, but it never seemed like something completely practical for me and to be quite honest I never felt lead too. Fashion blogging has given me the best outlet for expressing myself in this way & I literally couldn't wait to share some of my designs/ sketches with you guys! I will be doing a giveaway with some of them in the near future so be on the lookout for how to enter! }

So todays post is a little bit different, but I got to thinking the other day that I have yet to share with you guys the inspiration for what I do what I do.

Inspiration comes in all different shapes and sizes and if you are an artist of any kind then you know what it feels like to be on an inspiration high or have complete writers block. Whenever I get like that, even before I started blogging, I would spend an evening curled up in comfy pajamas, drinking coffee and browsing through my favorite fellow fashion bloggers, watching youtube videos or adding to my pinterest boards. For quick inspiration or "inspo on the go" (if that a thing?? can we make it a thing??) I often (like all the time) check instagram/ twitter to see what everyone is up too! Seriously, I feel like I follow some of the most beautiful people inside and out! 

Whenever I come up with an idea or see a clothing item/ current trend that I want to try, I grab my phone and type whatever it is into the "notes" section of my iPhone. Then later I can read over my thought bubble and work it into my posts for you guys! 

I also get a TON of my inspiration from you guys including my friends & family. Sometimes I don't even think about writing something until I get a few questions about something or have a conversation that inspires me. It's then that I turn back to the root of all fashion blogging (social media) and see how I can make my idea trendy and current. 

Sooo with that being said... below I have rounded up & linked my current fashion favorites! However, there is an emphasis on the current because I am always finding new blogs/ insta's/ youtube channels/ etc. and I will try to keep you guys updated every month beginning with this month! A lot of times, things like my favorite fashion blogger and places to shop won't change month to month but I will keep you guys updated as I add to my favorites.

With that being said, here are my current fashion & lifestyle favorites:

Fellow Blogging Babes: 
The Sweetest Thing
Emily has been a favorite blogger of mine for what feels like forever! Her style is trendy, mature and effortless! The Sweetest Thing is the perfect combination of beauty tips & fashion inspiration! 
Southern Curls & Pearls 
Caitlins blog Southern Curls & Pearls is beyond perfection! Her passion for what she does shines bright in all of her posts and she is always bringing a trendy yet fresh perspective to todays fashion world.
The Barefoot Blonde 
Amber Fillerup & her family are complete goals. I love how her posts reflect their beautiful family and you can never see enough adorable pictures of her babes Rosie and Atticus!
Hello Fashion
Christie Andrew's blog, Hello Fashion, is the perfect combination of girly meets edgy. I love how I can relate to her dreams of going to fashion school and finding a love for fashion blogging instead!
Rachel Parcell's blog, Pink Peonies, is my go-to when I am in the need of some girly inspiration! Her looks are polished yet effortless and she is always bringing a fresh perspective to current trends. 

YouTube Beauty Channels: 

Places to Shop: 
Thank you for sticking with me through this lengthy post! If you would like to hear more about my creative vision & beliefs as an artist, I was featured on my beautiful friend Taryns blog, Seaside Wonder, as Octobers creative of the month and you can read all about it here. 


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