Friday, June 24, 2016

Summer Flower Shopping & Off the Shoulder Trends

| Top: TJ Maxx Style {similar HERE} | Jeans: Gap | Wedges: Jessica Simpson {similar HERE} | Necklace: {similar HERE} | Nail Polish: {Just got a mani, but similar color HERE!} |

So I am officially home from college, the blog is up and running and I finally have a little free time to catch up on my blogging "to-do" list that has been adding up for months. I have been saving ideas & little inspirations to write about since I knew I wanted to start a blog! For all my blogger friends out there.. Do you do the same thing? It is such a struggle! With all that being said... It feels SO good to finally get to share them with you guys!

A couple of weeks ago my parents and I stumbled upon this adorable little green house & almost bought the sweet little lady out of flowers it felt like! At first I was super cautious to take a lot of photos because I wanted to be respectful... but the owner of the greenhouse was so excited when she saw that I had my camera! She told me all about how she loves it when people photograph her flowers and then took me around the property to show me the most beautiful flowers to take pictures of. I was literally in heaven, Y'all. We bought TONS of flowers to plant in our garden at home and had the most fun talking to the precious owner about her family & business. 

Another thing that I am currently obsessed with is this off the shoulder blouse! I love how trendy & light it feels during the summer months! I've talked about these jeans before, but they're still a favorite! I literally wear them all year long... along with these wedges! I picked these up last season and honestly feel like I could run a mile in them (ehh, probably not really but still!). They're so comfy and the blue ombre matches so much. Cute & casual is kind of my favorite! 

Also...  Below I have linked some of my current favorite off the shoulder pieces right now!

Nordstrome: $58.00 
Nordstrome: $56.00 (crushing over this so hard!!)

I cannot wait to see how all of these flowers bloom around our house! I am living at home in Michigan right now, but will go back to school in Kentucky in just about a month! I hope you are all enjoying your summer!



  1. Nice !

  2. Cute look!! I love shopping for flowers to plant. I always seem to over buy because they are all just so pretty!!
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    1. Thank you! & I know what you mean! It is such a struggle to pick my favorites when I love them all!