Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Casual Days for Girls on the go: How I relax & Stay Motivated After a Stressful Week.

Hi friends! 
So recently life has been pretty stressful even though it's summer time so I thought I would take this opportunity to share some of my tips for resting and relaxing after a stressful week. If you guys are anything like me then you also have a hard time slowing down! I am THE WORST at the whole "doing nothing" thing. I often times will just go go go until I absolutely have to rest and let me tell you... its a habit that I need to break! haha

During the school year it is often times easiest for me to relax on the weekends since that's when I have the most (or any at all) free time. I love getting off campus even if it means going to a new coffee shop for a change of scenery or finding new photo inspiration downtown! 

Below are my top 5 favorite ways to relax! 

1. Throw on something cute and casual & go exploring!

This is one of my absolute favorite ways to relax. Like I said... I am the WORST at relaxing. Sometimes all you need is a brain break and exploring a new place can do just the trick. 

2. Spend quality time with someone who makes you happy. 

Sometimes the best medicine for stress (especially for extroverts like me ;) ) is quality time with a good friend, bf/gf or family member. Grab somebody that you trust, head to your favorite coffee shop and vent for a little bit! You'll be surprised how much better you feel when you're done. 

3.  Read a book or watch a movie! Netflix binge anyone?

More & more I am finding that Netflix is way more relaxing than I ever thought it would be! Find a tv show or movie that you can dive into for a little bit and don't feel guilty about "down time." Taking time for yourself is never a waste of time. Plus! There is nothing lazy about planning your future dream house by binge watching Fixer Upper! haha

4. Spend time doing your favorite hobby! 

Sometimes all I need is a day at the mall just to myself to search for the perfect handbag while others may need an 8 hour hike up the side of a mountain to feel rejuvenated. Remember, relieving stress doesn't always mean planting yourself on the couch for a day! However, each person is so different & created completely unique (I love that). Find whatever works for you & in the words of Nike... Just Do It. 

5. Treat Yo Self.

Did someone say mani-pedis? Sometimes the most important thing that you can do to feel less stressed is focus your attention on pampering yourself! These days there are SO many different ways to put a little skip in your step. If you are looking to go all out, schedule a spa day & spend a little time forgetting what it is thats worrying you. For a more cost efficient idea, grab your girls and have an in home (or dorm) pamper day. Lush has the most amazing face masks {HERE} that are super affordable & leave your skin feeling amazing! Paint your nails, get your hair done & feel flawless. You deserve it. 

I hope some of these ideas help & benefit you the next time that you're feeling weighed down! What are some of your favorite ways to relax?? 


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